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Brahmin surnames have meanings that reflect India's rich and ancient cultural historic. A common surname between Hindu Brahmins.
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  • The elevated position of the Brahmans goes back to the late Vedic period, when the Indo-European-speaking settlers in northern India were already divided into Brahmans (or priests), warriors (of the Kshatriya class), traders (of the Vaishya.
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    A common surname among Bengali Brahmins, AcharjeeAcharya, has its origin in the Sanskrit word.

  • Over time however, as the Brahmin caste expanded, several more Brahmin Gotras appeared.
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    I have tried to make this list of Brahmin surnames as.

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  • A large number of Deshastha surnames are also derived by adding the suffix -kar to the village from.
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  • Here is a list of the most common Brahmin surnames in India by region.
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