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    It is used as the woman's name in the song, signifying her hardened heart.

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    Gr&225;&237;m th&250; (I love you) Tugaim cion duit (I give you affection) T&225; cion agam ort (I have affection for you) T&225; m&233; cean&250;il ort (I have affection for you) T&225; gr&225; agam duit (I have love for you) T&225;im i ngr&225; leat (I'm in love with you) T&225; mo chro&237; istigh ionat (My heart is within you) Adhra&237;m th&250; (I adore you) Italian Ti amo.

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    the ilocano haiku project the 5-7-5s in Ilocano About; Haiku by Friends; Mga Haiku Ko Na Tagalog; My English Haikus; Non-Haiku Poems; kalgaw.

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