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So, for the four outer planets in our solar system, the trend is that the metallicities are lower for the bigger planets. 1 day ago By Adam Barnhardt - May 23, 2023 1138 pm EDT.
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    Yet Uranus&39;s heat output is significantly lower.

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    What is Neptune known for Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun, and the fourth largest.

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  • May 24, 2023 A vortex of relatively warm air has been detected swirling beneath Uranus&39; clouds, providing strong evidence for the existence of a cyclone anchored at the planet&39;s north pole.
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    5 billion years ago when gravity pulled swirling gas and dust in to become this ice giant.

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    In addition, unlike the other gas giants, Uranus does not radiate more heat.

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    Neptunes warm south pole.