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Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica. .
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  • In this way,What are the top 3 languages spoken in Costa Rica Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica it&39;s also the most widely spoken language throughout the country.
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    Descendants of Africans in Limn province speak both Spanish and Limonese Creole, which resembles Jamaican English.

  • Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica.
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    Costa Rica is a linguistically diverse country and home to at least five living local indigenous languages spoken by the descendants of pre-Columbian peoples Malku, Cabcar, Bribri, Guaym, and Buglere.

  • The official national language of Costa Rica is Spanish and has been since the Spanish colonisation of the country in the 16th century, however, there are also five indigenous languages spoken in Costa Rica as part of the Chibcha language family; Cabecar language, Bribri language, Maleku language, Buglere language, and Guaymi language.
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  • The Quakers community, who settled in.
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  • Having fluent Spanish in Costa Rica is not essential, but it may help you to avoid embarrassing situations.
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    Spanish in Costa Rica.